Cancellation of earlier decisions, rotation of ambassadors, and competitions for civil service: decisions by Cabinet and President

08 April 2021
Cancellation of earlier decisions, rotation of ambassadors, and competitions for civil service: decisions by Cabinet and President
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Recently, Ukraine has reported the highest numbers of new COVID cases and COVID-related deaths per day (among European countries). It seems that the Cabinet and the Ministry of Health do not put enough effort to protect Ukrainian citizens from the pandemic and ensure real progress in vaccination.

Today we will focus on what the President and the Government were doing in the meantime.

Dissolution of territorial offices of the StateGeoCadastre canceled

Decision-maker: the Cabinet.

Who is affected: landowners, businesses, local governments, territorial offices of state bodies, the Cabinet, and other central executive bodies.

Resolution in a nutshell: the Cabinet canceled its earlier decision to dissolve territorial offices of the StateGeoCadastre as legal entities under public law.

Why this is important:

  • on November 6, 2020, the Cabinet issued a resolution to dissolve territorial offices of the StateGeoCadastre
  • Roman Leshchenko, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food and the former head of the StateGeoCadastre argued that this decision will be the first step towards transforming the agency into a body providing citizens with high-quality services and filling in the cadaster
  • according to Roman Leshchenko, dissolution of territorial offices should have saved ₴500 mln that henceforth would be spend on digitalization, optimization of state registries, and a full-fledged launch of the National infrastructure of geospatial data
  • recently, however, experts from the Security Service uncovered a fraud scheme used by the employees of the StateGeoCadastre, so this new governmental resolution was probably issued to avoid risks from the centralization of the Cadaster.

What is wrong: the Cabinet does not have a consistent policy on the issue since it canceled its own decision made just half a year ago.

Ambassador rotation started

Decision-maker: the President.

Who is affected: Ukrainian citizens living abroad, foreign and national businesses, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic officials, the President, and foreign state bodies.

Decrees in a nutshell: the following ambassadors are dismissed:

What is right:

  • the rotation was a long-awaited decision. Diplomats, as a rule, could serve abroad for up to four years. Some of the ambassadors dismissed by Zelensky held their positions much longer
  • in democracies, rotation is essential in building a diplomatic service. It ensures that the service remains professional and prevents representatives of the diplomatic core from becoming too close to the countries they are serving in.

What’s next: the President has to appoint new representatives of Ukraine in the nearest future.

To know more about the President’s decision to start the rotation of ambassadors, please read the article Why Zelensky fires able ambassadors of Ukraine? by Serhii Sydorenko, Editor in Chief of the European Pravda.

New competitions for civil service positions announced

Decision-maker: the Cabinet.

Who is affected: Ukrainian citizens, the Cabinet, employees of some executive bodies, local governments, drivers, businesses, employees of the forest sector, and transportation organizations.

Resolutions in a nutshell: competitions for the following positions were announced:

  • deputy head of the State Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine
  • head of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service
  • state secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture
  • deputy head of the State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine
  • deputy head of the State Audit Service for Digital Development, Digital Transformations, and Digitalization.

What is right: with proper competitions, civil service will eventually become apolitical and start to work for the interests of the state, not politicians. Citizens’ trust in state bureaucracy will be restored.

To know more about the pitfalls of the presidential amendments to the draft bill reintroducing proper competitions for civil service positions, please check the article by our analyst Oleh Savychuk Make everyone an acting minister

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