Demchenko’s dismissal from the NSDC, control of the use of Western armaments, and a grant by the World Bank

26 July 2022
Demchenko’s dismissal from the NSDC, control of the use of Western armaments, and a grant by the World Bank
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MPs are going to launch a special commission to monitor the reception and proper use of Western armament, the President decided to fire Demchenko suspected of lobbying “Kharkiv agreements,” and the World Bank is ready to assist Ukraine with a grant of $4.5 bln. 

A temporary special commission to monitor the use of Western armaments 

Parliamentary resolution # 7563 of July 18, 2022 

Initiator: MP Rustem Umerov 

Who is affected: the Verkhovna Rada, foreign donor states, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military and law enforcement units 

Summary of the resolution: 

  • creates the temporary special committee of the Verkhovna Rada on monitoring the receipt and use of international logistical aid while martial law is in force 
  • the new committee will consist of 15 MPs with Rustem Umarov as a chairperson 
  • key tasks for the Commission: 
    • to prepare legislation strengthening parliamentary control over the use of international military aid 
    • to collect and analyze information for parliamentary hearings about the misuse of international military aid or its distribution and transportation. In particular, about armaments, military, and special equipment. 
  • the Commission will operate for a year. 

What is right: 

  • under martial law, the strengthening of parliamentary control is necessary since the capabilities of other institutions to oversee the security and defense sectors are significantly limited 
  • if the Commission works properly, it will help to refute rumors about the misuse by Ukraine of military help provided by the USA, the United Kingdom, and other member states of the EU and NATO. The impact of the enemy’s disinformation will be mitigated. 

Background: during the last several weeks, some Western media published materials about the significant risks of Ukraine selling to the black market weapons, military, and special equipment provided by NATO member states. Later, this suggestion was repeated by the speaker of the Europol Jan Op Gen Oorth. Europol, though, issued a statement that there is no evidence confirming the smuggling of armaments by Ukraine. 

Such rumors are actively forced by russian propaganda. Recently, the enemy’s propagandists spread disinformation that Ukraine had sold anti-tank launchers Javelin and Matador grenade launchers to the Near East. Considering how much resources russians used to push the supposition about Ukraine’s smuggling of armaments, this is a part of a psychological operation by russian special services. The aim of the operation is to shift the public opinion in the USA, Great Britain, and other countries providing military support to Ukraine — to decrease the level of armaments and ammunition supplies used to fight off the russian invasion. 

Dismissal of Ruslan Demchenko as the First Deputy Secretary of the NSDC 

Presidential decree # 528/2022 of July 25, 2022 

Decision-maker: the President 

Who is affected: the National Security and Defense Council and Ruslan Demchenko 

Summary of the decree: Ruslan Demchenko is dismissed as the First Deputy Secretary of the NSDC. 

What is right: the level of trust of the Ukrainian people and international partners in Ukrainian authorities will increase. 

Background: at the end of the last year, journalists published results of their investigation proving that in 2010 Ruslan Demchenko participated in lobbying the so-called “Kharkiv agreements” with russia that prolonged the term of stay of the Black Sea Fleet of the rf in Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city. Before being appointed, Ruslan Demchenko had undergone a background check as required by the lustration campaign but the Office of the President refused to share the results of this check. 

Approval on accepting a grant from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development 

Cabinet ordinance # 613-p of July 19, 2022 

Decision-maker: the Cabinet 

Who is affected: inhabitants of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy, the Ministry of Healthcare, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Pension Fund, and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine 

Summary of the ordinance: 

  • the Cabinet gave its consent to receive the grant by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and International Development Association of $4.5 bln allocated for ensuring the stability of state management in Ukraine 
  • the ministries of social policy, healthcare, education and science, the Pension Fund, and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine have to ensure the implementation of the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP

What is right: additional grant funding will help to secure the financial stability of the state in the time of war and the economic recess caused by the war.