Defense procurements under martial law

12 May 2023
Defense procurements under martial law
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Cabinet resolution #465 of May 9, 2023 

Decision-maker: the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 

Status: in effect since May 9, 2023 

Who is affected: the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military units, and law enforcement agencies 

Summary of the resolution: 

  • information about the procurement of weapons, equipment, and other products required by the military will remain classified. Unclassified goods and services (including food) will be procured by the state via public procurement announcements 
  • procurement announcements will include the following information: the title of the procured products/services, technical specifications of these products/services, approximate quantity and place of delivery/scope and place where services are to be provided, delivery terms, payment terms, etc. 
  • government bodies conducting the procurement will publish procurement agreements online if the procurement was not conducted via the online procurement system. Appendices to procurement agreements concerning food or food delivery for military units will be published in the XML format 
  • within 90 days after the martial law ends or is lifted, government bodies that conducted procurements will be obliged to publish all reports on the agreements concluded outside of the online procurement system, including files containing the agreements in question, all appendices, and changes to such agreements. 

What is right: the bill will help to make public procurements of goods and services for defense needs more transparent, reduce corruption risks, and increase public trust in the Ministry of Defense.