Compensation for hosting IDPs, dismissal of the Trilateral Contact Group, and working group on sanctions

12 September 2022
Compensation for hosting IDPs, dismissal of the Trilateral Contact Group, and working group on sanctions
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The Government amended the compensation procedure for persons hosting IDPs and created a working group on sanctions. Meanwhile, the President dismissed the Trilateral Contact Group. 

Compensation for Ukrainian citizens hosting IDPs 

Cabinet resolution # 977 of August 8, 2022 

Decision-maker: the Cabinet 

Who is affected: IDPs, property owners, tenants, community executive bodies, and military administrations 

Summary of the resolution: 

  • compensation will be provided to Ukrainian citizens who own accommodation or rent it from the state or communities to host IDPs (not including their relatives) there for free 
  • a person ready to provide free accommodation for IDPs has to send a notification to Prykhystok (Shelter) website or send this information to a community executive body or local military administration to apply for compensation. However, the compensation procedure does not rule that the application will be rejected if such information has not been provided 
  • those hosting IDPs have to report this fact to the community executive body or local military administration via an online form no later than the next day after the IDPs’ arrival. Also, a person should notify about the fact that he or she is no longer hosting IDPs 
  • to receive compensation, a person has to submit an application to a community executive body or local administration 
  • compensation amount is set at 14.77 per person daily — about 450 per person monthly 
  • compensation is paid from the government budget, local budgets, funds provided by enterprises and organizations (private, communal, or state-owned), and assistance from foreign states and charitable organizations. 

What is right: 

  • financial compensation can be an incentive for inhabitants of relatively safe regions to host IDPs but only if the compensation amount is sufficient 
  • financial compensation will lift a part of the burden from persons who are already hosting IDPs. 

What is wrong: 

  • the procedure of registering accommodation open for IDPs is too bureaucratic since it requires submission of a special application form. Accommodation owners will not be too eager to register to apply for compensation 
  • there is no reason why only Ukrainian citizens are eligible for compensation. Foreign citizens and stateless persons who stay in Ukraine legally have the same right to own or rent accommodation. Thus, they are also eligible to host IDPs and apply for compensation 
  • the resolution does not clarify when compensation is paid from local budgets, the government budget, or from charity funds, assistance from other states or international organizations. As a result, there will be confusion with payments 
  • monthly compensation per person is about $11. This is not nearly enough for compensation to be a real financial incentive for hosting IDPs 
  • the resolution and other measures taken by the Government have not introduced an effective mechanism to help IDPs with temporary accommodation. Instead, the Cabinet shifts the responsibility to solve the problem to IDPs, local communities, and all kinds of public and private initiatives. 

Interdepartmental working group on sanctions 

Cabinet resolution # 963 of August 30, 2022 

Decision-maker: the Cabinet 

Who is affected: government bodies and persons under sanctions 

Summary of the resolution: 

  • creates the Interdepartmental working group consisting of representatives from ministries, intelligence bodies, the SSU, the Office of the President, the National Bank, and a representative from the parliamentary majority 
  • key tasks of the Interdepartmental work are the following: 
  1. to prepare proposals about imposing, lifting, and changing sanctions 
  2. to analyze the progress of implemented sanctions and their effectiveness 
  3. to prepare recommendations on sanctions application. 

What is right: 

  • government bodies will cooperate better on introducing and imposing sanctions. In particular, this is important when it comes to persons involved in the armed aggression by the russian federation against Ukraine 
  • all government bodies working on the issue of sanctions will be able to contribute to the creation of a systemic state policy. 

Decrees on the Trilateral Contact Group annulation 

Presidential decree # 621/2022 of September 1, 2022 

Decision-maker: the President 

Who is affected: government bodies 

Summary of the decree: 

  • six presidential decrees appointing representatives of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group are annulled. 

What is right: 

  • the annulation of the decrees means the formal termination of the so-called “Minsk negotiations” that presented a danger to the sovereignty of Ukraine and de facto ended because of the full-scale invasion of russia.