15 October 2020
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On October 25, Ukraine will hold local elections. We will choose whether to give our local authorities another chance or pick someone new to oblast, raion, and community councils.

To make a reasonable rational choice, we should know more about the plans of our candidates not from the TV or posts on social media but from official documents — election platforms.

These platforms are published on the Central Election Commission official website. To make the “homework” for voters easier, we have analyzed proposals of TOP 5 most popular parties and TOP 3 mayoral candidates in Ukrainian cities — oblast centers.

To know more, please check our online tool.

We have refined policy proposals of the candidates by dropping out platitudes and emotional appeals and included only those issues that local governments have the actual authority to address.


Why is it important to read election platforms?

Thanks to the decentralization reform, local governments have got a lot of powers to make the everyday life of our communities comfortable. Our local representatives have not just a lot of powers but also a lot of money to spend on community development. Taxes we pay go both to the government budget and to our local budgets. Local budgets now amount to millions or even billions of hryvnias. Cool, isn’t it?

That is why it is even more important to choose who will manage our money for the next five years wisely. Read the platforms, compare platforms of different candidates, and vote responsibly!

Feel free to use our tool and share it with your friends and relatives!