Sectoral sanctions against Iran

28 April 2023
Sectoral sanctions against Iran
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Cabinet order #367-р of April 25, 2023 

Sponsor: the Cabinet 

Status: approved and submitted for consideration by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine 

Who is affected: residents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the military-industrial complex of Iran 

Summary of the bill: 

  • Ukraine imposes sectoral sanctions against Iran for 50 years. The following restrictions will apply: a blanket ban on trade operations with residents of Iran concerning military and dual-use goods and services, a blanket ban on the transit of resources, flights, and transportation of military and dual-use goods 
    • economic and financial obligations to Iranian residents concerning operations with military and dual-use goods and services will be suspended 
    • capital withdrawal from Ukraine by residents of Iran will be prohibited 
    • it will be prohibited to transfer technologies and rights to intellectual property to residents of Iran 
    • investments in Iran will be prohibited 
    • it will be prohibited to service electronic payment instruments issued by residents of Iran. 

What is right: 

  • the order is an appropriate response to the actions of an unfriendly state 
  • the international community will be encouraged to apply similar sanctions.