Restrictions on fireworks

19 April 2023
Restrictions on fireworks
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Draft bill #7438 of June 6, 2022 

Cosponsors: a group of 21 MPs from factions Servant of the People, Holos, and European Solidarity with Yuliia Ovchinnikova as the first signatory 

Status: adopted as a law 

Who is affected: residents of Ukraine, businesses of the entertainment and pyrotechnics industry, and local self-government bodies 

Summary of the bill: 

  • the transfer, sale, and use of F2, F3, F4 class fireworks will be prohibited 
  • it will be prohibited to use pyrotechnic products that can injure animals 
  • it will be allowed to use fireworks during the celebration of public holidays, non-working days, city days, other holidays recognized by local councils, and days of sports competitions. 

What is right: 

  • restrictions on fireworks are necessary because explosions of fireworks sound similar to shelling, and thus very disturbing to many people. Firework sounds can cause retraumatization of those who suffered from the war 
  • the bill is one more step toward more humane legislation on the proper treatment of animals.