Remuneration for service members

26 May 2023
Remuneration for service members
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Draft bill #9320 of May 23, 2023 

Cosponsors: two MPs from the Batkivshchyna faction 

Who is affected: service members 

Summary of the bill: 

  • service members will continue to receive remuneration after being released from service duties due to injury, treatment, or illness, but for no more than five months from the date of departure from the military unit. Remuneration will be the same as they received while in service 
  • after five months of uninterrupted treatment in a hospital, remuneration to wounded soldiers will be paid if the medical establishment confirms that their stay is prolonged 
  • conscript service members who are on assignments, leave, or under treatment in hospitals will receive their remuneration for the whole period of their stay on assignments, leave, or treatment 
  • service members receiving prostheses and orthoses at rehabilitation departments, units, or subunits of medical establishments will continue to receive their remuneration and additional rewards (if they received them before) from the first day for the entire period of stay 
  • if a service member during the period of illness, receiving prosthesis or orthosis stays at the place of residence of the family or relatives upon his/her wish, remuneration and additional rewards will still be paid. 

What is right: better remuneration for Ukrainian soldiers. 

What is wrong: the bill requires a significant increase in spending from the government budget. The authors of the bill indicate that according to the financial projections, the implementation of the bill does not require additional expenses in 2023. Obviously, this claim does not correspond to reality. 

Alternative solution: to add a requirement that bills that increase spending from the government budget should be accepted by the Parliament only if accompanied by a financial justification for the sources of the funding of their implementation.