New approach to preserving totalitarian monuments

13 December 2022
New approach to preserving totalitarian monuments
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Draft bill # 8250 of November 30, 2022

Cosponsors: a group of MPs from Servant of the People and Holos factions with Roksolana Pidlasa as the first signatory.

Who is affected: the State Property Fund, managers and employees of state enterprises, companies, and organizations, the Cabinet, the President, and Ukrainian citizens.

Summary of the bill:

  • the bill provisions that the State Property Fund will perform its functions directly and via its regional departments (offices)
  • the Head of the Fund will have the right to create, reorganize, and dissolve regional offices. These offices will not have a legal entity status so their financial, technical, and legal support will be provided by the State Property Fund
  • the Head of the Fund:
    • will have the power to approve provisions for regional offices, appoint and dismiss heads of regional offices
    • will have the power to appoint and dismiss his or her deputies, including the first deputy.

What is right:

  • the role of the Head of the Property State Fund in the management of the institution will increase. The Fund will become more independent as an institution
  • management of the Fund and its regional offices will become centralized. This could help to ensure better and consistent work of the Fund and its units
  • the draft bill amends the current law making it more compliant with the Constitution. In particular, the bill deprives the President of the power to influence the appointment of the First Deputy Head of the Fund and heads of regional offices.