New regulations for early military promotions

05 May 2023
New regulations for early military promotions
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Draft bill #8140 of October 20, 2022 

Status: adopted as a law. Now it has to be signed by the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and the President 

Who is affected: military command, privates, sergeants, and junior officers. 

Summary of the bill: during martial law, it will be allowed to move up the ranks privates, sergeants, and junior sergeants early for the second time (but only after at least six months from the day of the previous promotion). 

Why this is important: currently, a service member can move up the ranks early only once during the entire period of service. However, considering the war, the shortage of officers, and the need to keep the morale of the military high, such an approach is not the most effective. 

What is right: 

  • in combination with the bill allowing soldiers without military education to become officers, the bill in question will allow the Armed Forces to get more junior officers 
  • the incentive proposed by the bill is important for service members who are doing their job well and properly.