Customs reform

11 April 2023
Customs reform
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Draft bill #6490-д of April 6, 2023 

Cosponsors: MPs from different factions with Danylo Hetmantsev, Servant of the People faction, the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Taxation, and Customs Policy, as the first signatory 

Who is affected: customs employees, the head of the State Customs Service, businesses, citizens, foreigners, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the Prime Minister. 

Summary of the bill: 

  • the bill defines the procedure for appointing the head of the central executive body implementing the state policy on customs (currently, the State Customs Service). The Cabinet of Ministers will appoint the Head at the request of the Prime Minister on the recommendation from the selection committee 
  • the selection committee will consist of nine persons appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers. Five of them will be recommended by international and foreign organizations that have provided technical assistance in the last three years. The work of the committee will be public and transparent. Based on the competition results, the committee will recommend one candidate, the winner of the competition, to the Prime Minister 
  • eligible candidates for the head of this central executive body will be citizens with a higher legal or economic education, work experience of at least 10 years, including experience at management positions in government bodies, enterprises, establishments, or organizations of at least 5 years, and fluent in the Ukrainian language 
  • the head of this central executive body will be appointed for a 5-years term under a civil service contract. To dismiss the Head will be possible in exceptional cases only: the end of the term in office, reaching the age of 65, resignation, a court decision, termination of citizenship, etc. 
  • the effectiveness of this central executive body will be verified by annual audits. The audit will be carried out by a commission of three members appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers on the recommendation from international and foreign organizations that have provided technical assistance in conducting structural reforms over the past three years 
  • persons will not be eligible for positions in the Customs Service if they: 
    • have foreign citizenship 
    • have an expunged criminal record for an intentional criminal offense 
    • have been held accountable for a corruption offense within the last year 
    • have failed to pass the special check. 

What is right: the competitive selection of the head of the State Customs Service will reduce political pressure and dependence of the Service. If there is proper competition, a truly worthy candidate with relevant experience, knowledge, and skills can be selected as the Head of the Customs Service.