About us

The Centre of United Actions is a non-governmental organization working for the benefit of Ukrainian citizens. We are independent, politically impartial and non-partisan in all aspects of our activities.

We analyze state and local policies, introduce instruments to engage citizens in decision-making and democratic practices, promote democratic changes.

In order to achieve our goals, we hire experts with relevant skills and experience. We treat people equally without discrimination on any grounds and put our efforts to create an environment, where every Ukrainian citizen will be able to exercise their personal freedoms. We also do not conceal potential risks if such risks are discovered by us, and critically assess our capabilities.

Our organization achieves its goals and objectives by combined team effort. We maintain financial integrity and regularly issue public reports on results we achieve and our effectiveness in using resources.

The Centre of United Actions takes responsibility for the results of its work. We exercise caution and minimize risks where possible while setting our goals and planning our activities in order to avoid actions that could potentially bring harm to society. We focus on activities that are the most efficient.

One of the key issues that we address is balance between branches of power in Ukraine. We track legislative initiatives and decisions by the Parliament, the Cabinet, and the President that have impact on this balance or substantially affect people’s lives in other ways. We also analyze in detail changes to the system of checks and balances.

The Centre of United Actions helps government bodies to develop policies on important social issues. We conduct policy analysis and engage citizens/stakeholders in decision-making and developing policy alternatives.

All our activities are focused on promoting democratic and balanced governance that will work for the benefit of all citizens of Ukraine at both national and local levels.

We are convinced that this aim can be reached only by our combined effort. We believe that concerned citizens can and should unite in order to protect their rights and advocate their interests in the course of reforms implementation.